Saturday, 31 January 2015

Cold Feet

These past few days the temperature has dipped well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Understandably, many of my backyard birds are feeling chilly. The Ring-necked Pheasants are not native to North America but were imported here from warmer climes in Asia. So they in particular, are experiencing cold feet. As they forage for seeds, they warm one foot at a time by holding them up close to their bodies.

Not one-legged birds, they are simply warming one foot at a time.

The male pheasant seems to be wearing a warmer skirt than the female.

Searching for a safe and sunlit roosting spot.

A Mourning dove seems to be testing the water temperature with it's toes.

Each winter I use a low wattage water heating element in the bowl of one of my bird baths. This ensures an ice free drinking source which I clean and refill each morning. Judging by the high volume of patrons I know this small contribution is much appreciated.


  1. The trials of feeding out there in the snow, must be mighty cold for them. Was the water frozen in the bird bath? Maybe a little skate now and then.

  2. I have one, too! It's wonderful!


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