Monday, 15 February 2016

Foxy Visitor

As is the case every winter, I see fox tracks in the snow. But since they are more active at night, I rarely see the maker of those tracks in person. So it was a treat for me when I checked my trail camera (which I've set up in my woodshed near the back door) and found last night's image capture of one of my favourite wild animals.

Last night's visiting fox looks to be in good condition.

Sniffing for clues. This is my 'community handout' location.

Didn't hear the doorbell ring. Please call again!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Walking On The Wild Side

As independent and instinct driven as any wild African big cat, my rural neighbourhood's tom cats are dynamic entities. These resourceful animals make a living by their wits. Their lives are shorter than those of our pampered, sterilized pets, many who are the progeny of these wild toms. As I watch them hunting on my grounds, they seem completely comfortable in the snow. Siberian tigers in clever disguise. Sometimes I hear them singing intimidation songs to each other. They all have at least some battle scars. Younger and stronger players will eventually end their reign. Future feral warriors will carry on the quest to make a living and pass on their genes.

I've named this tom 'Chico'. He seems to be the current dominant male.

This older looking gentleman is Gray Owl. He looks a bit like my adopted Ellie Mae.

This guy is 'Thomas', my favourite. He's been around the longest.

Using abusive cat language, bad boy Chico threatens a cowering Ellie Mae.

Freezing Rain

This morning's freezing rain has manufactured a pebble effect on my east facing windows. A pretty novel for me but I pity the poor folk who must navigate slippery sidewalks and roads today.

Three colourful diners patronize my ice covered feeder.

This fellow amply brightens an otherwise dull day.

An American Goldfinch enjoying a mini nap in a sheltered spot.

A Cooper's Hawk searching the brush for hiding prey items.