Monday, 22 April 2019

April Fooled On Earth Day

April Fools Day is weeks in the past and in fact, today is Earth Day. But it is still April and I was fooled just the same.

Tree swallows are back and swooping around their nest boxes. I knew I had better get a move on and clean the mouse nests from their boxes. Perhaps this is the year Eastern Bluebirds will again try their nesting luck here. So this morning, I hoisted my bird house cleaning kit and set off to the far reaches of my property. On my two hour trek, I did not see any sign of the hoped for bluebirds. However, I did imagine I could hear snatches of their soft melodious warble. On my walk back down the lane towards home, all was revealed. I'd been punked! The bluebird song was interspersed with other bird sounds and even -- this really astonished me -- a rendition of a dog owner calling "Come he-e-ere, come he-e-ere, come he-e-ere. Good boy-y-y, good boy-y-y, good boy-y-y". High up in an Ash tree, I saw that it was a Brown Thrasher performing these clever impressions. Sometimes you just can't believe your own ears. Canada has talent!

A Brown Thrasher belts out a convincing medley of sounds from other species.

He takes a performance break to explore a brush pile.

A squirrel has enlarged the entrance to another bird box.

A lovely Earth Day to sit by a stream and enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of Spring.

... waitin' round the bend, my Huckleberry friend ...

Only one of my two honey bee colonies survived the severe cold of last winter.

Both native and honey bees are visiting my patch of lawn crocus.