Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Walking On The Wild Side

As independent and instinct driven as any wild African big cat, my rural neighbourhood's tom cats are dynamic entities. These resourceful animals make a living by their wits. Their lives are shorter than those of our pampered, sterilized pets, many who are the progeny of these wild toms. As I watch them hunting on my grounds, they seem completely comfortable in the snow. Siberian tigers in clever disguise. Sometimes I hear them singing intimidation songs to each other. They all have at least some battle scars. Younger and stronger players will eventually end their reign. Future feral warriors will carry on the quest to make a living and pass on their genes.

I've named this tom 'Chico'. He seems to be the current dominant male.

This older looking gentleman is Gray Owl. He looks a bit like my adopted Ellie Mae.

This guy is 'Thomas', my favourite. He's been around the longest.

Using abusive cat language, bad boy Chico threatens a cowering Ellie Mae.


  1. I have so enjoyed your words today, as we have, over the years, had stray cats arrive, some stay, some go, the current one sleeps inside here in the winter, these hot days and nights breezes in for a feed in the cooler night hours, and my favourite would be Thomas as well. Super photos, they seem to be tame enough to sit and pose for you.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out Jean. Actually, the toms are very wild and only stick around if I'm inside looking out of a window. The second I open a door to venture out, they run away as if their very lives depend upon it. I feel sorry for them as they are at the mercy of disease, etc. They do look to be in fairly good shape though so must be catching lots of mice.

  3. I love the look on the last one's face!
    Our two venture out in the snow, Daisy & Buster. We've had a ton of rain though. They are not amused!!!

  4. Wow, I can see why Chico rules the roost. What an intimidating stare.


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