Thursday, 31 January 2019

Cosmetic Dentistry for Willis

Shortly after their marriage, my parents bought a brand new, Canadian made 1929 Willis upright piano. This was the only purchase they made 'on time'. Unfortunately the 'dirty-thirties' soon hit and everyone felt the pinch. Mom worried they might not be able to keep up with the piano installments and they would lose the instrument. But somehow, they did manage and that piano still resides in this farmhouse living room.

'Willis' as I call my late mother's piano, was manufactured with beautifully grained and lustrous elephant ivory key tops. After almost a century, about half of the white keys have cracked or chipped. Since I do have time on my hands until Spring, I decided to treat the sweet-sounding old friend to cosmetic dentistry with a set of simulated ivory key tops.

I shudder to think of all the poor elephants that have been murdered for their tusks. Between poaching and habitat loss, those majestic animals have had a sad history.

Half of my piano's ivory keys have become brittle and cracked with age.

These plastic replicas will brighten the smile of faithful old Willis.

This morning, I looked out of the window over the kitchen sink and was surprised to see what looked like a message in the snow. There are at least three cotton tail rabbits here that I treat to handouts of cracked corn and sunflower seeds. Their tracks in the snow are everywhere but it looked like they had left an early valentine for me. There even seems to be an arrow through the heart shape. Perhaps, not a thank you to me, it would more likely be an 'I love you' from one bunny to another.

Rabbit tracks form a heart shaped pattern in the snow.

Are you the clever snow artist little bunny?