Sunday, 20 November 2016

Last Chance, Girls!

Weather forecasts indicated that yesterday was the last warmish day predicted for the season. So, I said to the bees,
"Girls, this is your last chance at a handout before Spring, so take advantage of it."

They happily did.

Yesterday's honey bee feast of mint flavoured sugar syrup.

Also, it was a good day for a hike around our trails and through our bush lot. I hoped the exercise and fresh air would help reduce my persistent bout of insomnia. 

I quite enjoyed my hike although there was not much in the way of wildlife spotting. I did see fresh coyote scat, raccoon tracks and a foraging black squirrel. A hawk's 'scree-e-e-e' call came from somewhere among the trees.

Walking North beside a line of hybrid poplar trees.

Heading West towards our bush lot.

Of course I had to stop and admire exposed bird nests.

Now with only ankle deep water, field drainage ditches made easy walking.

The trail winds through a stand of white pines which were planted in 2009.

Long afternoon shadows were cast on a tree that still clings to it's leaves.

Occasional stones peek through the leaf cover.

A splash of green from a fern, not yet dormant.

Fallen trees provide animal and insect shelter and eventually forest compost.

Never clear-cut, this bush lot contains a good variety of native tree species.

Today the weather worm has turned. An all day snow and a cold wind makes me glad I took advantage of yesterday's clement window. As for helping me sleep, yesterday's walk was not a complete success. I did become wide awake at the customary 2:30 am but at least my dreams were only mildly pesky, verging on sweet. Perhaps it's the change of seasons that disrupt our sleeping patterns.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Picnic In November

Yesterday was a beautiful day -- warm and dry and windless. It was my window of perfect weather opportunity for finishing my eaves trough caulking chore. Mission finally accomplished.

In the bee yard, my two colonies of honey bees were flying about, looking for forage. Our recent sub zero spell had put the kibosh on flower blossoms, so I offered the bees a sugar picnic. They were delighted! 

On a very mild November day, my honey bees were flying about.

They happily lap up moistened sugar from their custom made picnic table.

Red squirrel, Timmy, wisely dries his apples before storing them.

A picnic meal of roast chicken, ham, chicken broth and cat kibble.

Feral Ginger Tom rewards me with a half smile. High praise coming from him!