Thursday, 3 November 2016

Picnic In November

Yesterday was a beautiful day -- warm and dry and windless. It was my window of perfect weather opportunity for finishing my eaves trough caulking chore. Mission finally accomplished.

In the bee yard, my two colonies of honey bees were flying about, looking for forage. Our recent sub zero spell had put the kibosh on flower blossoms, so I offered the bees a sugar picnic. They were delighted! 

On a very mild November day, my honey bees were flying about.

They happily lap up moistened sugar from their custom made picnic table.

Red squirrel, Timmy, wisely dries his apples before storing them.

A picnic meal of roast chicken, ham, chicken broth and cat kibble.

Feral Ginger Tom rewards me with a half smile. High praise coming from him!


  1. And how sensible are all animals and bees, storing up for the winter, or staying at the best B&B for a feral cat ever. Your hives, if I stand a little way back from my laptop, it almost looks like a little face there. With a University Mortar Board hat!!!

    1. Now that you mention it, Jean, my sun/rain roof toppers on the hives do look like mortar board hats. What a good imagination you have. I made them from old boards that were replaced on my sister's privacy fence. As for feral Tom, he is s-l-o-w-l-y showing me a little trust. When I bring out his breakfast tray, his tail lifts ever so slightly off the ground. His version of a little smile, I presume.

  2. Jean is right Florence. They do look like little faces with mortar boards. Anyway, So happy you can help out your bees which I didn't know you could do...provide them with sugar, I mean. I think that is a wonderful picnic for Old Tom...who knows the hardship he has endured. Not one sign of a cat around here. We found a sad mound of feathers, white with a little teal blue. I can't think what bird that would be.

    1. No feral cats? There must not be farms close to you then. I wonder if the feathers you found were owned by a white breasted nuthatch. Yes, I'm pretty sure Ginger Tom has faced a hard knock life. He deserves a little luxury and loves roast chicken which he wolfs down before turning to his dry kibble and then to the low sodium chicken broth.


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