Monday, 16 May 2016

A Bit Of The Grape

This morning is blustery and cold in my neck of the woods. In fact, snow flurries have been reported in the Ottawa area. I'm not bothered about low temperatures. Simply adding a layer or two of extra clothing solves that problem. But high winds make me prefer to putter about indoors. One of these putterings produced new jelly feeding trays for my Baltimore Oriole guests. The bottle caps were just too small so I replaced them with honey sample cups.

This afternoon I'll be picking up two new honey bee nucleus colonies from local bee breeder and provincial bee inspector, Brent Halsall. It will be so good to see and hear honey bees once again foraging among the flowers.  

A male Baltimore Oriole enjoying the refurbished grape jelly tray.

This female Baltimore Oriole also appreciates a bit of the grape.

"Oh waitress, same again here please!"

Nesting above my deck, I hope the robins won't scold when I relax there.

A wild turkey takes a stroll in our field laneway. Perhaps shopping for a nest site?

Jimmy skunk made a rare daytime appearance when he smelled roast chicken.