Saturday, 10 January 2015

Mixed Signals

Another great morning for window view birding. I'm very pleased that the eastern screech owl is roosting in the box south of the house but out my north window, I was in for a special surprise. A male Ring-Necked Pheasant! Until this morning I had not seen one in the wild. It was feasting on bird seed in an area with good cover and a small, brush lined gully. Yes, I was delighted with the new visitor and very glad that I had broadcast plenty of mixed birdseed beforehand.

But despite my hospitality to all feathered visitors, my little chum, Reddy, was definitely not of the same mindset. In fact, s/he was downright hostile.

A Ring-Necked Pheasant transforms my weedy garden into a posh country estate.

Plenty of surrounding cover if a dash for safety is called for.

Reddy tries for a head to head confrontation.

Perhaps an attack from the rear.

A full gallop past, designed to unnerve.

Reddy: Push off! All this seed is mine and I don't share with anyone!

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  1. The pheasant is beautiful. Glad to see it wasn't so easily intimidated!


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