Saturday, 3 January 2015

Elegant Hunter

Very early this morning an elegant little hunter passed by the motion triggered camera I have set up on a laneway gate post. When I viewed the video I had to laugh because it looked for all the world like an elegantly dressed actor who first paused for a cue to go on stage and then strolled past the camera for a six second moment of fame. 

What a pretty little animal with his/her full length black evening gloves and luxurious brushy tail. Sir or Madame could be on the way to or coming home from a high society ball in that lovely coat. 

A couple of weeks ago a coyote passed by the same camera at the same location. The larger predator was a less seasoned actor and hustled across the stage in less than two seconds.

Over many winters of observing their winter tracks, I've noticed they like to take this route days apart from each other. The fox wisely avoids an encounter.

And of course, they both try to avoid human creatures.


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  1. Words to make the story perfect, what a tail, and the photo detailing where footprints go . " All the world's a stage" and more, entrance and exit without a cue to be given. Lovely. I will so enjoy seeing more of these. . Jean.


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