Monday, 5 January 2015

Some Unpleasantness

This morning I watched an Eastern Gray Squirrel rummaging through a Red Squirrel's winter food storage. Just as I was beginning to wonder why the red was allowing this, the following scene played out.

The gray has returned for another raid but homeowner, Reddy lands a nip.

An exposed rump is a vulnerable rump. The gray is quite aware of this.

With the box as a shield, the gray squirrel is ready to bite the incensed homeowner.

Reddy: You've got to come out sometime, punk!

I know that I shouldn't interfer with wildlife (providing the wildlife does not include the occasional mouse that finds it's way into my home) but I felt that Reddy could use a hand. As long as the gray squirrel stayed in the box, it was safe from nips. But those stores were gathered through a lot of hard work by the smaller squirrel and I found it impossible to just stand by and do nothing. So I went outside and clapped my hands. This made the big gray squirrel bolt from the box and thus become a better target for the furious Reddy. He bolted with the little red squirrel in hot pursuit.

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  1. Oh dear, I would have done the same, And their tales "SWISH" so like a cat waiting to pounce, I do hope Reddy is back where he belongs with his hard -earned cache of winter goodies. Super photos and video, I had to smile, such good therapy for us down here. Jean.


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