Thursday, 8 January 2015

Buzz, Buzz!

We are deep into a bitterly cold spell. Not surprising for this latitude and at this time of year. The good news is that the extreme cold makes the air nice and dry. There is no wind (hurray) and with proper outdoor clothing, it's actually a pleasant day for a stroll outside

Definitely toque and parka weather.

So go for a walk, I did. And my first stop was to check on my bee hives. Are the occupants still alive?

The two end colonies are buzzing nicely inside their boxes.

I put an ear to each of the hive top entrances and listened for the hum that indicates a cluster of live bees. The colonies at each end of the hive stand were buzzing quite nicely but I could not hear anything from the middle colony.

Back in the house, I resumed my chore of melting and filtering last summer's harvest of beeswax. I found small baking tins that hold about half a pound of wax. This is a perfect size for fitting into juice cans for a final melt before the wax will be made into candles.  

As each filter becomes clogged with debris, it is upturned and cleared with boiling water.

The resident screech owl peeking from her box's entrance.

Reddy taking a foraging break on the front porch of his/her box.

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