Saturday, 24 October 2015

Surprise Visit

Weeks ago, my resident robins flew south. But in the last few days the largest flock of robins I've ever seen have checked in to my yard and are focusing on the berries of my mountain ash tree. There are at least a dozen of these migrating birds who are making a stopover here. They chatter among themselves and make frequent forays to the bird bath. I can't help but wonder how far north they've come from and if they will perhaps be back in Spring with a view to nesting here. How I wish I could interview them.

This morning's sunrise paints a dramatic textured scene.

A large flock of migrating robins enliven the branches of my mountain ash tree.

Viewing me with suspicion, this robin seems unused to people.

A drink to wash down the berries and a quick dip before more feasting.

A goldfinch enjoys a tranquil moment in the shelter of a shedding cedar.


  1. some wonderful captures there, I like the feathery branches as he sits awhile for a wee rest.

  2. I love that sunrise....perhaps your Robins will spend the winter in my yard or surrounding area...the Pepperbush berries will be getting ripe soon and they feed on them also.
    We are so far apart but share a lot of the same species and how are your bees? all bundled up for winter?

    1. Thanks for the 'shout out', Carol. Yes, I can just imagine my summer robins hanging out among the palms and watching the gators drifting by as they winter in your climes. And I must admit to more than a little envy. Early this morning I finished wrapping my four beehives in bubble foil. During the procedure I plugged their entrance holes. When finished and opened up their ports, some bees flew out buzzing loudly as if to say "Hey, I needed out for my comfort break and didn't appreciate having to wait!"

  3. I have some Robins around, too! We did have them stall all winter a couple of times.


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