Thursday, 29 October 2015

Morning Hike

The past several days have been cold and wet and windy. I've been denning up and spending way too much time on the comfortable old couch. So when I went outside early this morning to dispose of yet another mouse trap victim, I was surprised to find warmish and only slightly breezy conditions. The air, freshly washed from twenty-four hours of almost continuous rain, smelled wonderful. My nose begged for more. Nothing but a hike would do!

Flocks of Canada geese selecting newly harvested fields to rest and forage on.

The drainage ditches are filled from recent and heavy rain.

Our bush lot has the marvelous spicy Autumn fragrance of fallen hardwood leaves.

There is a bumper crop of hickory nuts this year.

A burr oak adds a splash of lime green colour.

This variety of leaves gives testimony to a biodiverse woodlot.


  1. Beautiful colours, leaves on the ground just as lovely as when on the branches. Enjoy your autumn days.

  2. You've solved the mystery! We have a hickory tree somewhere! That's what I found in the yard!


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