Sunday, 18 October 2015

Change Over

Last night we had our first hard frost. Minus 6 Celsius over night and this morning. My lovely cosmos flowers are history. The sun now rises hours after I've awakened. What I used to consider late afternoon now has the dark feel of evening. Yesterday I drained and put away my garden hoses and this week the deck furniture will be stored in the barn until Spring. My lawn mower is in storage already. It seems that a dial has been turned from the setting marked 'summer' to the one marked 'autumn' -- in fact, a little past autumn and pointing partway towards winter. Like my friend Jimmy Skunk, I'll be spending more time in my comfortable den.

This morning's frosty garden view from the kitchen window. No more cosmos blooms.

My amur maple tree has changed from it's green dress into a yellow one.

This morning the grass had a thick coating of frost.

By mid-morning the frost had melted. Ash trees are among the first to disrobe.

Our bush lot flaunts a final burst of colours before losing it's foliage.

A revealed nest. I expect the family has flown south for a warm vacation.

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  1. Your place is beautiful...though a bit chilly now. I like the jar with the squirrel. I think I'll try that . We've been trying to find ways to feed them without feeding the raccoons...though I do toss them gravy train.


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