Monday, 19 October 2015

Catering Business

The business of backyard catering gets complicated when half a dozen smash-and-grab artists in blue hoodies are involved. I'm talking about bluejays. They have strong instincts to store food for harder times and in only minutes they strip the feeders before smaller birds and my red squirrels get much of a chance at the grub.  Counter measures are called for!

Five of a family of six bluejays have their way at the feeders.

This container foils bluejays but not flexible little squirrels.

A redpoll enjoys a feeder cage designed to keep out bigger birds.

A white-throated sparrow pauses before foraging on the ground.

Not chatting with the weathervane, this warbler is watching for cluster flies.

On offer to chipmunks, unsalted peanuts are munched by the quirky Ellie Mae.


  1. Ellie May, you are a beauty, What a contortionist that squirrel is, and birds, down here we have baby ducklings in the stream, starlings starting to gather grass for their nests, and spring blossom everywhere.

  2. That's so cute!
    I waved to s squirrel on our railing just now, from my lazy boy chair in the living room. Little thief.
    Annie was playing hockey with a peanut yesterday. I dropped a few accidentally.

    I loved your comment, catalpa tree leaf strip tease! Ours are usually quite slow.
    Warmer today. It's a bit weird!!!


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