Friday, 24 April 2015

Down To The River

There are three dug ditches that run through my family property. As well as draining farmland, they provide habitat for water loving plants and for wildlife. By mid summer they are usually dry. So when I feel the need of a big water experience, I take a forty-five minute drive south to the mighty St. Lawrence River at the village of Morrisburg, Ontario.

Standing at the marina, I relish the sight and sounds of the waves. Sea birds soar overhead on the lookout for fish. Some bob about on the waves. I imagine I can smell the ocean. Just standing beside this great river is a tonic for my marine starved senses. 

Incorporated as a city in 1860, Morrisburg has a population of just over 2,700. It is a lovely, friendly, slow paced town with enough stores to satisfy all of my shopping needs. Yesterday, when I visited there, was cold with a very strong wind. But I strolled the marina's jetty and filled my lungs with the fresh spring air. And I came away feeling that I'd just had a restorative little vacation.

The marina at Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada. The far shore is the U.S.A.

Morrisburg's marina park on a cold and windswept April day.

The wind was so strong that I had difficulty holding the camera steady for the following video. So, sorry for the shakes. The music, called 'River Walk' is a copyright free music track on my iMac.


  1. I went to Google for a further Geography lesson. what a grand area to visit, I have friends who lived on the shore of East Grand Lake, and he said " Throw a stone and it will land in Canada.Did you throw a stone to go the other way?

  2. Don't you love the big water?
    The ocean made me sea sick, but this is lovely!

    Where do you go for your bees, FLorence?
    I love your strolls. I've been throwing wood and chucking rocks and I'm so tired. No energy for anything else!

  3. Jennifer ...

    Yes, I love the big water. I love the ocean even more, but am grateful the good old St. Lawrence River is only a short drive away.

    Regarding my bees, I raise my own new queens from overwintered hives. Last Spring was an exception when my honey bees didn't survive the winter. So last year I got replacement bees from a lady in Rideau Lakes Township, Debbie Hutchings. ( I think you would make an excellent beekeeper, if you are considering the enterprise yourself.


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