Friday, 3 April 2015

Buzzing Along

Spring is buzzing along here in the North country. Yesterday was windy but warm enough for my honey bees to take an outing. Two colonies whirled and danced about their entrances. I offered them sugar syrup in a feeding tray but they were not at all interested. It seems they only had orientation and exploration in mind. The middle hive, which was suspiciously quiet this winter, showed little or no bees around it's entrance. In a couple of weeks I'll remove the winter wraps and check within.

My honey bees breaking free of their winter's confinement.


Also breaking free from winter confinement, a male chipmunk is venturing from his den under the lawn and having a good look around.

Fresh from his den, he checks for danger.

Seems safe enough.

Might as well have a wash up.

He seems to be calling, "Hey ladies, I'm over here!"


  1. Haha, he is gorgeous, and the bees, I have a friend in the South Island who keeps bees, I must ask if he also covers the hives in winter. Guess they are well and ready for some time out!!!


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