Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sugar Fix

My favourite rodent, Reddy the red squirrel, is enjoying a sweet treat these days. Sap is flowing up from the roots of trees and into their branches. Taking advantage of this, he is nipping the branches of the soft maple tree in my yard and then lapping up the sweetness when it oozes from the little wounds he has inflicted. Being a bit of a copy cat, I'm inspired to snow shoe back to our bushlot and tap a hardwood maple tree for myself. Coffee made from fresh maple sap in lieu of water is absolutely delicious! Thanks for the tip, Reddy! Now where did I store that tapping spile and drill?

Nip, nip, nip .....

... gnaw, gnaw, gnaw ...

... slurp, slurp, slurp ...

... yum, yum, yum!!!


  1. The Real Dinkum Maple Syrup, truly the best of all. Years ago we had a lady call in, ( she was from Canada, and this is in the days before my blog) asking for directions to a person's home, After many phone calls and looking up everyone with that surname, there was no answer. However, the lovely lady thanked me with a beautiful bottle of Maple Syrup, and this was a treasure to taste.

  2. Nice series of photos. I would not have thought of him nipping the branches and then licking the sap. I enjoy your blog even though I don't always comment.


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