Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Marching Forth

Spring is slowly marching forth on this day of March the fourth.

There is still a bit less than three weeks before the Spring equinox arrives but the signs are unmistakable. For the first time since January 23rd, the temperature here has reached above the freezing point. I can hear snow melt water from the roof trickling into the basement cistern. Crows have quit flocking and are instead making plans for nesting. The meandering tracks of a raccoon snake from the barn. And suspicions run to a raccoon perpetrator as I discover that, overnight, the lid was removed from my garbage bin and the contents rifled through. 

This morning I listened at the top entrance of my honey bee hives and heard reassuring humming from within all three. As I stood there enjoying the sun, a bee flew confidently out of the strongest hive and disappeared into the blue. If the colonies can survive this record cold winter until the trees and flowers bloom they will have accomplished a considerable triumph

The outdoor thermometer finally registers above freezing.

Evidence that a raccoon has left the barn to explore outside.

Ringo and his lady friend enjoy a snack on this milder day.

Reddy is on full alert against possible seed thieves.

Ellie Mae seems to have an extra sparkle in her eyes as Spring approaches.


  1. And down here Autumn continues its slow steps forward, mornings are cooler, nights are dark earlier, but midday sun scorches as in summertime. I am fascinated at the bees humming, what a reassuring noise. And racoon tracks, stunning. Enjoy your days above zero..

  2. Lovely photos! I haven't seen signs of a raccoon in ages! Yes, spring is coming...

  3. Hope your hives are doing well. I think I saw a picture of them well insulated.....2 more to go but may be a little bit yet.


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