Thursday, 26 February 2015

Winter Treats

As a sort of compensation for this bitterly cold winter, one should be extra liberal with the treats. And what could be more appropriate than popcorn made over the wood stove's embers and a good ol' cup of hot chocolate made from cocoa and of course local honey. (Can't get any more local than the bee hives in one's backyard.)

A sweet hot chocolate drink made with cocoa and honey.

When the firewood burns down to coals, out comes the old popcorn shaker.

Popped to perfection, the old fashioned way.

Ringo enjoys his daily bird seed treats while I'm treated to his exotic colours.


  1. Do you have a "coal range" and use wood in it? Super feathers.

  2. Hi Florence, the trees at the back of the lawn are "Cabbage trees" or Cordyline australis. The dead leaves make wonderful kindling, tied up in a bundle, and in summer all birds flock for the berries. Funny, until I read your words, I hadn't noticed the trees in that photo at all, as I was concentrating on the Cosmos and the shadows. And I haven't had them as cut flowers, so next year will do that. All of them have self sewn.

  3. I love your birds. And that you name them!

  4. Years ago..when I lived in VT ..I captured 2 skunks..thinking I wanted them for pets. Vet said I had to handle them for 2 wks before he would descent them or they would die of fright...after a week in a cage...and I fed and watered everyday...they never sprayed me...I realized they should be free and let them go. Had they been babies I may have felt differently...but they had always been free and it didn't seem right. Opened the cage..let them out and they still didn't bother me.

    1. How interesting Carol. I'm glad you decided to let them go. Cute as they are, their nocturnal nature and need to dig are best served in the wild. Like you, I've never been sprayed. I think that weapon is only used as a last resort when warnings just don't work.


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