Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Daylight Exposure

At dawn this morning I saw the familiar silhouette of an Eastern Screech-owl on the perch of my north facing roost box. This is on the south side of my house and in a tree only about twenty feet from my window. As the sun rose, I expected the quite nocturnal little owl to dive for the inner privacy of the box. But it did not. Unusually, it stayed on the perch until the sun had completely risen, allowing my camera to capture him/her.

Dawn reveals a screech owl perched at my north facing roost box.

It is staying up past bedtime to watch little birds come to their feeders.

Watching raucous flocks of crows flying overhead.

We are having a stare contest. I hope mine was friendlier.

Little birds are getting pesky. Time to retreat to the inner sanctum.

Peace at last!

Eventually, my smaller backyard birds became just too much of a scolding nuisance so the pint sized but fierce hunter, which somewhat resembles a tabby kitten, retreated to the inside of the roost box for the day. Thanks for the photo op, little chum!


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