Monday, 9 February 2015

Pantry Surprise

This morning I watched as my backyard's red squirrel gingerly approached the entrance of an owl box she has been using as her pantry. Her body language told me she was not angry as was the case when a gray squirrel burgled her larder but rather she exhibited considerable trepidation. So I used my binoculars and sure enough, I recognized the familiar pattern of bars and spots on gray feathers that is a perfect mimic of tree bark. My Eastern Screech-owl was in the box. And no wonder it chose this rather cramped box instead of my other empty one. This one's entrance is leeward to today's strong and frigid northeast wind.

Yesterday Reddy checked her pantry and found nothing amiss.

Today her pantry is definitely off limits.

An Eastern screech owl enjoys the comforts of Reddy's pantry.

So thoughtful of Reddy to provide both bed and bedding.


  1. Oh dear, is this a case of " First in, first to have food and comfort", poor Reddy left outside, is it time to build another home for him?

  2. Do you build your box? We've spotted a saw-whet owl!


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