Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Community Dish

Last night, three patrons came to my "Community Dish" for meals. On offer was dog kibble, chicken skins and a raw egg. Of course, it's always first come, first serve and late arrivals may be out of luck. The feral and quite wild orange tabby, I've named Oscar, always arrives first and usually revisits the dish several times during the night. By morning the dish is clean, except for the tell-tale muddy traces from the skunk's paws.  My trail camera captured the following images.

Hey, is that any way to show your gratitude?!?


  1. This is truly a drop-in-centre for everyone, love the cat, naturally, Oscar looks very well fed, maybe thanks to your kitchen supplies.

  2. Our raccoons just woke up this past week. The frogs will soon follow, as you suggest!


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