Saturday, 18 April 2015

First Come, First Served

Occasionally I use my motion activated camera to see who's visiting my handout dish at night. Skunks and wandering cats are regulars. But the dish does not magically refill and only early patrons are guaranteed a meal. Latecomers are out of luck. Last night's fare was roasted chicken skins and dog kibble.

Customer Number One has first dibs on the roast chicken.

Not a patron of the dish but a passing, rather chubby rabbit.

By now only crumbs of dog kibble is left for this white cat.

A raccoon briefly looks at the empty dish.

Oscar discovers that he is too late. (I gave him some cat kibble later in the day.)

Soon after sunup, a robin hunts for his own breakfast.


  1. I have to smile, for, as you know, Oscar is my all time favourite at your place. What a variety of visitors, I wonder if they all wait in the bushes, check to make sure the road is clear, cross carefully, and eat their choice.

  2. Is this ever fun! I love my trailcam!

  3. Interesting. I move my trail to different locations every couple of days.


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