Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring Snap Shots

Over the past few warm days, snow has almost completely melted. But until trees and shrubs grow their new leaves, the landscape has a 'work in progress' appearance.

A streamside nest box awaits a tree swallow or bluebird family.

I've unwrapped my honey bee hives and confirmed that two out of the three colonies have survived. To give them a head start before flowers become available, I added feeders filled with sugar syrup.

Two of my three honey bee colonies have triumphed over winter's deep freeze.

Empty vent boxes now replace the ones that were filled with wood shavings.

A few bees have left their night's cluster to feed.

Starlings and robins dash about snatching cluster flies from the lawn. How nice to have this compliment of clean up workers on duty.

On legs stronger than they look, a robin chases after cluster flies.

Feral tom, Oscar, warily checks to see if I've left anything in the handout dish.


  1. Oscar, he is a beauty. and the robin, saying " Where is the food today?" lovely pose. and bees,glad to see 2 boxes in working order. Getting colder here, 4C at 5 a.m. this morning, firewood is now getting value for the hard work, the fire was banked up and going all night, so very cosy inside this morning.

  2. So glad you have 2 hives that made it through the winter. I have a feral cat feeder for 2 cats. They are not feral but not overly friendly...I am able to pet them at times.

  3. Isn't it a relief to see them through!


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