Thursday, 18 December 2014


Late this afternoon I had a welcome surprise. My resident Eastern Screech-Owl was using one of my winter roosting boxes for the first time this season. Usually the nuthatches, chickadees and bluejays grab my attention when they scold and mob a box occupied by the owl but this time they did not. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention at the right time. In any case, I'm thrilled to have this little cutie keeping me company and only about twenty feet from my living room window.

After the sun had completely set, the owl came out of the box and perched for a few minutes on the branch section I've attached under the entrance. I think this bird is a female because she is larger then a male owl would be. 

Welcome to your winter digs, little one. I hope you like the fresh wood shavings I added to the floor. Sorry the box with the south facing entrance is not available this winter. It was rented earlier to a little red squirrel. I know you'd love to meet him. Particularly out in the open and on a dark night! 

My Eastern Screech-Owl watching the yard through narrowed eyes.

Checking the area for small game.

Last year in a box that is currently occupied by a red squirrel.


  1. What a special feathered friend! Good for you!!!!

  2. My Wood duck box has a few mice in it. I'll clean it out before spring!!!


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