Tuesday, 16 December 2014

More Light Reading

My garden has an overgrown, unkempt appearance. Perhaps an eyesore to passing motorists, if they catch a glimpse of it through my trees, but perfectly satisfying to me. There are fruit bearing shrubs and evergreen trees with ground sweeping boughs. The brush piles and the thick vegetation provide food and refuge for shy wildlife. This morning this habitat provision was rewarded with the sight of Gray Partridge tracks. Also known as Hungarian Partridge, they were introduced to North America from Europe as game birds. So glad to know that they are still here and adding a touch of grace to my backyard.

A gray partridge's hesitant gait.

Relaxed and meandering.

A purposeful march.

A stroll through the park.

Gray partridge digging for seed under one of my bird feeders.

My red squirrel's tracks.

Early this morning, a coyote whizzed past my trail cam.

My resident coyote looks well fed and healthy.

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  1. Isn't that exciting? Hubby spotted a coyote go across the back yard.
    The partridge are lovely!


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