Friday, 26 December 2014

Neighbourhood Crime

The day started out peacefully as everyone woke up and started their daily routines.

Mourning doves roosting on a sumac branch.

The female red-bellied woodpecker checking out the suet bar.

The red squirrel gathering birdseed.

Reddy (my local red squirrel) foraged for a bit and then disappeared for a couple of hours. I've noticed that this is happening more often as daylight hours slowly begin to lengthen. Perhaps s/he goes off on territorial expeditions.

During one of these absences a thief took advantage of the situation and burgled Reddy's home.

Smash ...

and ...


I saw it all officer! It was a big guy in a dirty gray suit!

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  1. Photos and words, a lovely Christmas Tale, and Reddy is so handsome, I do enjoy, really so much, seeing the animals for the North that we don't have down here. Enjoy your weekend, well, from tomorrow, as we are already into Saturday. Jean.


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