Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring Distractions

For days and weeks I have been intending to start my income tax return. Each day seems to turn into, "Well -- maybe tomorrow."

The trouble is that there are just too many distractions appearing outside my windows. We are finally getting some sunny and warm days after a particularly horrid winter. My deck is just begging for someone to grab a pair of birding binoculars and come sit on an Adirondack chair! Oh, just saw a tree swallow swooping in from the South!

Okay, nuff fooling around -- office work this afternoon for sure!

These gray partridge appreciate the brushy areas here.

How can one not stop and admire the colours of a cardinal?

And the blues in this blue jay -- gorgeous!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Purple Finch wondering about the cat.

No worries -- the window will protect us!

Cottontails are now foraging more in daylight hours.

Wake up, Ellie! There is a squirrel in the feeder!

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