Thursday, 17 April 2014

Left Overs

The snowy owls have now departed from my patch, no doubt to continue on their way back up North.

I had a look beside a fence post where one was seen the most frequently and sure enough -- owl pellets. Curious to know what they were feeding on, I dissected the dry and odorless regurgitated lumps. They contained nothing but mouse fur and skeletons. And I mean nothing else! Every bit of digestible tissue and moisture had been removed before the dried out remains were horked up and out. What an efficient digestive system they must have. Since these owls were feeding only on small rodents, no wonder the local smaller birds weren't worried about them. They knew they were not on the menu.

Snowy owl pellets found at the base of a fence post.

The pellets contained only mouse bones and fur.

Mouse skulls and teeth.

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