Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday Walk

This morning my walk to the bush was cut short because the snowy owls are still here and I didn't want to disturb them. One was at it's favourite station beside the laneway and a second owl was half a field away on another post. It is exceptional that the snowy owls are here in such numbers and staying so late before flying back up North. Interestingly, the local birds are ignoring them completely instead of mobbing them like they would a resident owl or hawk.

Owl No. 1 scanning for game beside the laneway to the bush.

Owl No. 2, half a field away.

A pair of tree swallows on the same box a snowy owl used for perching yesterday.
Owl No. 2 is in the distance at right.

The same box with a view to the south, overlooking a small snow melt lake.

A more rustic box, but still 'home-sweet-home' to the tree swallows.

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