Sunday, 20 April 2014

Blue Sunday

Just got back from a walk to our bush lot and am pleased to report that a bluebird couple are very interested in two of the bird boxes there. Now, if only they can hold the fort against competing tree swallows!

The male bluebird having a good look around his holdings.

Considering Box No. 1 with an extended back board.

Also considering Box No. 2 with an extended roof.

I think she prefers Box. No. 2.

Yesterday I was very surprised to find a lone honeybee foraging for pollen in a patch of crocus blooms on my lawn. Since all my hives were winter killed and it will be at least a month before my replacements arrive, I can only conclude that a) a feral population is in the area or b) someone within a couple of miles is also keeping honeybees. Miss Buzz wasn't talking.

Young worker honey bee with crocus pollen on her legs.

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