Thursday, 27 March 2014

Surprise In A Box

I was delighted to see my eastern screech owl friend using one of my roost boxes today. This sets a new record for late season use of the box. Previously, the latest date was March 23, 2009. So far, they have only used the boxes for winter roosting, never for brood.

In this area, bush lots are becoming ever more scarce as they are clear cut to make way for the planting of corn and soybean crops. Even existing fence lines and their trees are removed. Sadly for the owls, this greatly reduces the number of available tree cavity nesting sites, also competed for by starlings and squirrels.

March 27th, 2014, the latest seasonal use of this box by an eastern screech owl.

Soon these little juncos will head further north to raise their families.

Mourning doves at breakfast.

A visiting grey squirrel checks out the bird feeders.

As day breaks, this cottontail will soon hide for the day.

Was too slow off the mark in grabbing my camera,
so here is only the business end of a very hungry little skunk.
He went that-a-way!

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