Friday, 21 March 2014

Get Well Soon

Yesterday I noticed a male white-breasted nuthatch acting strangely. It was fluffed and clinging by only one foot to the perch of a roost box for hours. A healthy wild bird should not be so inactive during the day. Finally, it flew to another box. As the wind was gusty with snow squalls, it seemed to be seeking a wind break. Meanwhile, a female of it's species lingered nearby. Was she a relative or perhaps his mate? Later in the afternoon the injured bird flew to a feeder and ate some peanut pieces and black oil seeds. It's right leg was not bearing any weight and it teetered about. So, at least it could fly and forage. A downy woodpecker landed on the same feeder platform and the little nuthatch gamely stretched a wing in threat. Not a candidate for a human's rescue but still a bit worrisome when nature demands that only the fit will survive. Today this bird is much more active and I hope it's injured leg or foot will heal quickly. 

An injured male white-breasted nuthatch.

A female stays close by.

Unable to put weight on it's right side, but still taking meals.

Hope you recover soon, little one.

Not everyone has your best interests at heart!

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