Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring Snaps

Spring has arrived. Yay-y-y!

Well, technically it has but today's sub-freezing temperature still feels like winter to me. Last week though, we had a nice preview of Spring with warmish days and nights. Waves of birds returned from their southern vacations and filled the air with their excited chatter. It's wonderful to again hear their dawn chorus. The fields are lakes of snow melt. We used to merrily say, "Floods up!" I bought a spiffy new pair of high topped rubber boots to replace my old and leaky ones. Long and soggy rambles are in the cards. Warm weather is on the way and we all have our welcome mats out.

My night camera reveals that an elegant fox has been paying regular night visits to my woodshed/garage. The animal shows particular interest in an area around the woodpile where I've seen a red squirrel frequenting. In addition, a couple of cottontail rabbits are frisking about the yard, so I'm sure the fox smells dining potential hereabouts.

Also tripping the camera's motion sensor are various neighbourhood tom cats, skunks and raccoons. One raccoon is distinctive in that it has no tail, without which it somewhat resembles a koala bear. 

One of two cottontail rabbits that are frisking about my backyard.

The red squirrels are still enjoying sweet drinks of tree sap.

A cardinal filling up on black oil seeds that have spilled from a bird feeder.

A robin checking the sad remains of a sumac bob. These seeds have been very popular.

A fox with a beautiful tail and a raccoon with no tail at all.


  1. Lovely close ups of your birds, bunny and squirrel. Lots of activity here too; I expect the peepers any minute now. Then it will really be spring at our place. Still need the wood stove going with this last little cold snap. At least, I hope it is the last. LOL

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I just realized I meant to publish that one on Friday! sigh. What stress?! My blood pressure was up to 169/84 two days ago. Yesterday, 154/70. I'm trying hard to relax!

    1. Oh, oh--that is high Jennifer. Hope you are following recommendations and taking lots of walks. I'm in the same boat really. Meds keep my b.pressure under control and it's always better when I'm working outside.

  3. Love the trail cam pics....what kind of camera is it.

    1. I use a five-year old Moltrie black and white trail cam, plugged in to direct current because batteries are expensive and not quite reliable. I notice that most wildlife researchers use Bushnell trail cameras. I tried a colour cam once but the LED light frightened off the timid foxes and coyotes.


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