Wednesday, 9 March 2016

As Spring Approaches

I first heard and then saw my first robins of the season this morning. They seemed to only stop for a breather before winging further north. There was also a boat-tailed grackle picking through one of my feeders. It only had a brief feed before heading north as well. Then came a special treat -- the sight of a large V-formation of Canada geese, honking and winging strongly northward. Welcome back all you brave little travellers!

An ice storm we had some weeks ago left a lot of damage, but also opportunities for sap lovers such as the woodpeckers and my three resident red squirrels.

One of my red squirrels enjoying a sweet drink of soft maple tree sap.

This boat-tailed grackle made a brief fuel stop before continuing north.

One of two robins that stopped by my yard this morning.

A honking flock of Canada geese making their way north.

Overnight, a couple of locals made sure the community dish was licked clean.


  1. Food for the travelers, they must know where to stop on the way. Love the birds,and others you have visiting.

  2. I suspect that some of your overnight guests may not be very popular! Although I would still like to see them!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. hah! So cute!
    We've had robins all winter. The purple finches have been here, 6 of them. And the songs have changed for the goldfinches. Are you bees awake?


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