Monday, 15 June 2015

Water Safety

I'm richly entertained by the creatures enjoying the jelly feeder but there was a problem. With all the showers and chance of showers peppering this area, the bowl of the feeder often filled with water and I had to rescue bees from drowning. So with a little adjustment, my jelly clientele can now dine in safety.

A male Baltimore Oriole and a honey bee feasting on grape jelly.

A female Baltimore Oriole also frequents the feeder.

Bottle caps screwed into the lid keep insects from getting trapped inside ...

... and is a much more attractive presentation!

The lid provides more comfortable customer seating.

And best of all, when it rains nobody drowns.


  1. grand solution, and everyone is happy,

  2. I wonder what your honey is going to taste like...

  3. That is brilliant! I just don't think I have the birds for it. But you go, girl!


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