Thursday, 18 June 2015

From The Window

Sometimes you don't even have to leave the good old comfortable couch to view wildlife. Especially when feeders are just outside the window.

A Yellow Warbler is drawn to his own reflection in a rain spattered window.

He danced and twittered a saucy challenge.

A female cardinal does a fine cockatoo impression.

One of my two backyard red squirrels appears to be nursing babies.

Sometimes a cat nap trumps watching window theatre.


  1. Love that cardinal , and an upside down squirrel, best of all, feline family person having a little rest.

  2. These are fabulous photos!!! And cats... what can I say?!
    The warblers are amazing.

  3. P.S. Re: poison ivy. I was so surprised to find a 2nd area around the pond. It wasn't there before. It's just so strange. Just waiting to piss me off!

  4. Can't believe how similar our cats are!


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