Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sugar Fix

I have a sweet tooth! In fact, all of my teeth are sweet loving. Only with strict self discipline do I manage a healthy diet. When grocery shopping, I consider the candy isles 'No Go Zones'. At the check-out counter, I avert my eyes from all the chocolate coated temptations.

So when a Baltimore Oriole arrives at my feeders and looks disappointingly at the sunflower seeds, I empathize and haul out the sweet treats. And since he has no teeth, dental considerations are not even an issue.

Sunflower seeds? Is that all you have on offer?

Now this looks more like it!

Hm-m-m. Black currant jam. Delicious!

And another tray with raspberry jam. Sweet!

Lady, you know what I like!

As for my regular customers, sunflower seeds and chopped peanuts are always on the menu.

Now let me see. What looks good today.


  1. AAhh, this is lovely, photos and a story, and why not some sweetness? after all, nuts with honey and something to bind them together ? Lard? fat? that should taste really good, and there is always their own way to find sweetness in flowers when in season.

  2. I don't have Baltimore Orioles here...such beautiful birds. Looks like you take care of all your critters....

    I did get a chuckle out of your observation skills...


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