Friday, 30 May 2014

Bluebird Predation

Sad to say, the bluebird nest has been ransacked by a predator. Just as their first brood of the season was close to fledging, something left only a ravaged nest and some feathers behind. The ABS pipe around the box's steel post did not protect them. Unfortunately, the bluebirds always build their nest up inside their boxes, leaving the chicks within easy reach of paw or claw. Because of the muddy marks on the pipe, I suspect an animal of some sort was the culprit.

Feathers found on the ground beneath the ravaged bluebird box.

Next year I'll try using all aluminum poles like this one.

The choke cherry blossoms are extra showy this year.

Willow shrub fluff.

Tree lined laneway, perfect for a morning walk.

Thank you for helping with mosquito control, Mr. Tree Swallow.

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  1. Regarding the pillaged bluebird nest -- as always, someone's loss is another one's gain.


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