Wednesday, 5 September 2018

September Notes

The days are getting shorter. Crickets are in full chorus with their soothing but slightly melancholy songs and monarch butterflys are everywhere. Goldenrod is in full bloom, offering bees one of their last chances for this year's nectar harvest.

  A Monarch sunning on dew-drenched asparagus fronds.

A banquet of goldenrod beckons nectar loving insects.

A young (witness the fuzzy thorax) honey bee on a goldenrod spire.

I'm enjoying watching two wild turkey families here. A large flock of two adults and twelve poults hang out near the bush lot and another family of two adults and six poults hang out near the barn. Sometimes they take a stroll across the lawn. I suppose the shorter grass helps them spot insects.

My back lawn is a shady and inviting spot ...

... for all kinds of folk ...

... and their families. The smallest poult leads off behind their mum.

Our old barn invites turkeys of the vulturey kind.

"The better to see and smell you, my dear."

These very hot and humid days compel me to spend more time indoors where it's cooler. I've been playing piano, gabbing on the phone and watching 'Better Call Saul' on Netflix. Beside being cleverly written, the episodes are peppered with wonderful, energizing soundtracks by Chuy Flores. This piece is called 'Methadone' from episode 6 of series 3. (You may want to look away from the dizzying filler graphic.)

I've also been doing a little sewing. My new, darker kitchen floor left the room in need of brightening. So I covered the kitchen chairs with off-white painter's cotton drop-cloth material. It does help brighten the area.

I used painter's drop cloth material to cover my kitchen chairs.

A geometric black/white/yellow throw livens up the easy chair.

Oh, and I recently took a big step towards modernity. Following my brother's example, I've now severed ties with the Bell landline in favour of my very first cell phone service. The new plan (from Rogers) allows unlimited long distance calls within Canada for only one dollar a month more than the land line that had no free long distance calls at all. I do keep my old phone number and if problems arise, well it's only a month to month agreement. Of course I'll continue to ignore all those pesky telemarketers.


  1. Love your garden views, and the chairs, great way to change the d├ęcor. ( that would be a typical land agent,s wording!!!) And the turkeys, they know a good place to find food.

  2. Lucky you to have such cool lawn ornaments. Love to watch turkeys. Clever use of drop cloths. Looking good.

  3. A lovely post, Florence. I saw a turkey mom leading a group of younguns the other day and it thrilled me to spy them. We still have our lone turkey saunter through regularly and always wonder what's up with that. I love Better Call Saul...Mike's story line is very interesting to me and I also like Kim's and hope they keep her in and perhaps we could learn more about her mysterious past. It reminds me of Breaking Bad where each episode can stand on its own.
    Your kitchen area looks so cozy and reminds me I need to get some real chairs for here and stop using the fancy garden furniture that came from Tony's parents. Being Swedish, you can't kill it. LOL

  4. I adore your backyard! That gate is amazing. Welcome to Autumn! I love the changes.

  5. I am jealous of all that wildlife and flowers, beautiful home and property.

    I've taken to honey in my coffee, way better than sugar and my son advises that local honey helps to eliminate allergies to local plants...somehow makes sense to me.


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