Saturday, 4 August 2018

Summer Harvest

For the most part, it's been a hot and dry summer, providing my honey bees with more foraging days than was the case last year. And they certainly have been making hay, I mean honey, while the sun shone. I'm now in the process of harvesting these burgeoning hives. Yes, it's hot, sticky and heavy work but the rewards are sweet!

Freshly bottled July honey. Pretty and delicious!

This year a handcart helped me transport the heavy honey supers.

As I get older and less robust, all conveniences are appreciated.

These colonies are remarkably docile and forgiving -- even as I steal their treasure.

Thank you girls! I do appreciate all your labours! Buttered toast awaits!

My old kitchen floor tiles were installed two decades ago. I had picked out white ones so that any mishaps by dog, cat or myself would be easy to see and deal with. Over the years, some of them had cracked and were turning up at the edges, especially in the winter. A potential tripping hazard, I thought. So I hired a local flooring company to install a new floor. In the show room, the faux wood sample appeared much lighter in colour while held in my hands than when finally installed on my kitchen floor. Light can be tricky that way and hind-sight is twenty-twenty. Disappointing, but I'm sure that in time I'll get used to my now much darker floor. It took cat house-mate, Ellie Mae, a couple of days before she considered it safe to walk on but then she is a tad paranoid. The 7 inch wide by 4 foot long vinyl planks have a cork backing which should make them more comfortable. Also, maybe the next time I drop a dish, it won't shatter to smithereens.

My old kitchen floor tiles were installed two decades ago.

The new LVP floor is darker than I'd expected. The pattern is called 'Chai Latte'.

Every couple of days I need to replenish my grape jam feeder. It's a big hit not only with Baltimore Orioles but also Red Breasted Grossbeaks, Northern Cardinals, Gray Catbirds, occasional honey bees and even a Ruby-throated hummingbird. I've gotten very partial to a pat of the grape jam and a slice of cheese on a cracker, myself.

Of a morning or evening I often see this doe strolling through my yards.

To encourage clover blossoms, I use my lawn mower sparingly. A wild turkey approves.


  1. I like the floor,lovely with the paler cupboards, and so good with your stove. Deer right there, a dream for us down here.

  2. I like your floors but then I have even darker ones. I so envy your wildlife and thoughtful of you to consider them when you mow.

  3. You are so accustomed to the white and will definitely learn to love this new shade which I think looks wonderful. And should be so much more comfortable foot wise. Your kitchen is adorable,btw and what a showcase that stove is.
    I had two fawns walk through recently; son in law told me to look at their spots to tell their ages. One was older I think. Meanwhile, I'm leaving lots more of the undergrowth; it all has a use I think. I am seeing lots more swallowtails this year. So glad that time of drought did not affect them. How lucky to have your own precious honey!

  4. I quite like the floor, too! It really grounds the room. Complimenting it. It's a nice complimentary colour to the chairs, too.
    I love the cat. Treading lightly. Every time I move something or change it, there are inspections!
    We had 4 turkeys today!

  5. Oh, yes. My brain... good work on the honey, too!


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