Sunday, 28 October 2018

October Buzz

Although it's quickly melting, we had our first snowfall overnight.

I have not yet completed all of my winterizing chores but at least my honey bee hives are wrapped. Most of the drones have been given their pink slips and expelled by their worker sisters. This year I left the screened bottom boards on instead of switching to solid ones. I did insulate under the screens and closed in the front entrance with a little porch support to keep snow off the landing board. But most importantly, to improve colony chances for winter survival, I treated for varroa mites in July instead of leaving it to later. 

The hive on the right is taller than the one on the left not because it's stronger, but because I was too tardy in removing a box of extracted frames I had given them to lick clean. The bees had partially refilled them with fresh nectar so I simply let them have it.

Swaddled in bubble wrap, my hives are ready for the cold ahead.

An expelled drone honey bee looks in vain to be taken back into the hive. 

On this dreary day, the workers are all inside chatting amongst themselves.

My two resident flocks of wild turkeys have now combined. Owing to the presence of coyotes, it seems a wise move to have more pairs of eyes on the lookout.

My two flocks of wild turkey have now combined.

This American Goldfinch has partly changed into winter plumage.

Having emptied the open feeders this bluejay raids a caged station.

As daylight shortened, I became a bit obsessed with a dark corner in my living room. It begged for a lamp!  After weeks of deliberating possible choices I finally settled on a table lamp from Canadian Tire. This style is called "Vintage Industrial". I think it goes rather well in the space and casts a lovely warm glow.

Cat friend, Ellie Mae, seems indifferent to my choice of new lamp.

Is that a Nike logo on your right paw, Ellie Mae?


  1. I so enjoyed your words today, a pink slip indeed, better than a yellow card I guess!! A lot of work to ready your hives for winter, look great all wrapped up. And dearly birds at the feeders.

  2. The snow was rather shocking! It melted here by lunchtime. Love all your photos! It does look like a Nike logo on Ellie Mae’s paw!

  3. Fascinating to see how hives are put to bed for the winter. And none too soon. We watched as “our” barred owl got chased off by 4 crows the other day. I have the same birds at my feeder. Will you run your night camera this year? We are quite curious about a special track made from the pond up through the grass in the small meadow and into the trees, made deep by repeated usage. Can’t think of what could be making it.

  4. I like the lamp! It's perfect, isn't it? Good research.
    The bees, it's all so complicated.
    I didn't think about the turkeys uniting in strength! We have a couple of groups. Aside from wearing name tags, we ID them by their group size. It's all so complicated. We're juggling Daisy, who keep attacking Hooper. I'm distraught.

  5. I like the lamp, Vintage Industrial is very "in" now. I think my house is full of retro rather than vintage stuff. Not really through choice.


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