Friday, 2 June 2017

June Treasures

I try to limit the number of pictures for each post to five or seven. But this time, I couldn't pare down those of my treasures to less than ten. Note to self -- post more often!

Another showery morning and Ellie Mae ponders how to spend the day.

On a nest hidden by virginia creeper vines, a Mourning Dove eyes my passing.

When she flew off, her treasure was revealed.

Nearby and hidden in the grass, a pair of Tree Sparrows tend three tiny speckled eggs.

A kind gift from my sister, this little hanging bird house harbours a House Wren nest.

It looks like bluebird feathers were used to cushion the cinnamon-brown eggs.

On a St. Lawrence River inlet, Canada Geese parents chaperone 21 fluffy babies.

Stretches of my grounds contain wild strawberries. I can almost taste them now!

My honey bees vary in colour as seen on these two workers using Mountain Ash blossoms.

At least a half dozen Baltimore Orioles frequent my grape jelly feeder. What dazzling colour!!


  1. What lovely photos! I so enjoyed seeing all the different eggs, so pretty. I have noticed lots of wild strawberries too. The photo of the Canada geese is wonderful.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. One egg, 3 eggs, 6 eggs, and 21 goslings. Their fluffy feathers are so beautiful. And Ellie Mae, you are totally adorable.

  3. Such great photos of nests with eggs...beautiful eggs, Florence. Thanks for sharing that marvelous photo of the Goslings too. Gorgeous. I have got to get Hubby onto making me a grape jelly jar feeder thingie. Hope you recovered okay from your stings!


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