Friday, 6 November 2015

November Picnic

Although it's the time of year I usually install my car's snow tires, the past few days have been quite balmy. In fact, yesterday the temperature was 21 degrees Celsius.

My honeybees were flying about looking for something in bloom. They searched in vain. Many frigid months lie ahead so extending their pantry reserves would be ideal. The hives are now wearing their snow suits and the top box in which I would normally place syrup feeders are full of wood chips for moisture control and for insulation. An outdoor picnic would have to do.

A party of fourteen lapping sugar syrup from a container lid.

I scored grooves on a piece of scrap lumber with the table saw.

Having plugged the ends with beeswax (of course), it made a handy nectar feeder.

The start of a slightly 'up market'  feeder.

Two jar feeder contraptions ready for action.

The bee above the wire support appears to be pretty full and slightly tipsy.


  1. an the nice warm days it will be nice for them to come out and get something to you leave honey in the hive for them? It is amazing how different our hives are. I worry when there is a month or two with no have all winter.

  2. Yes Carol, I really feel sorry for honey bees living this far north. I make sure they go into the fall with three or four (depending on the colony size) full supers of honey. And every day or so throughout the winter I put an ear to the top entrance to listen for a reassuring hum. So far, they mostly pull through. And in the Spring, one of their first foraging meals is tree sap that flows when squirrels nip the bark for their own sweet drink. Your Florida honey bees are so much better off!

  3. That wooden feeder you whipped up there is cool. Great pictures, especially the drunken bee. :-)

  4. Is this ever neat! I would love to have more critters.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  5. P.S. We are often in Chesterville, well, not often, but to check out hubby's family gravesite. I'll have to remember to contact you!
    Do you want to email me? That would be so fun!!! I'd love to see your bees, too! I can't find your email address!

  6. ...very cool, and all new to me! I enjoyed reading about these little bees!

  7. Your poor bees, are they coming and going?! Crazy temps!


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