Sunday, 29 November 2015

Reddy Is Prepared

This area has had plenty of frost but we have yet to receive a covering of snow. I'm ready for it now. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. I've replaced my car's summer tires with winter ones and made sure my snow blower is ready for action. I've even purchased a new set of footwear ice creepers to replace the ones I wore out last season.

Also winter prepared is my very cute red squirrel neighbour, Reddy. He's plump beneath his thick fur coat and he has been busy.

Between the house and the honey bee yard is a stand of evergreen trees, planted by my parents about seventy years ago. I've noticed the little squirrel hanging out on the ground there recently. Now I see what it was up to. Spruce cones -- piles of them now placed neatly in little caches for seed meals needed in the frigid months ahead.

Spruce cones stuff an old log. Reddy has been busy!

Dozens of these cone middens lie scattered about the area.

These soft maples are considered weed trees but Reddy loves their key seeds.

Apples are peeled to help them dry faster before being stored away.

What other squirrely grocery treasures lay stashed inside that box?


  1. love the stash, he has been so busy, and how nature shows us all it wonders, they know when to put food away, maybe like you getting snow tyres and foot grippers all done. We have warm days, and nights now, hope the frosts have gone, as tomatoes, pumpkin and courgette plants are all doing so well.

  2. Hi so happy to have found you on the net. I just love your bee and nature talk and I've recommended your blog to daughter who loves the bees too. I am outside Ottawa on a hundred acres and just revel in the joys of the landscape and birds, etc. too. Have a good day...still mild, snowless here.

  3. I started paying more attention to my squirrels and have noticed a few of them are actually storing up food...pepperbush berries and prickly things from the sweet gum trees.


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