Sunday, 16 August 2015


'Hoarder' is far from a flattering term, so I like to think of myself as 'a moderate pack rat'. I fondly remember the frugal and often repeated words of a former neighbour, "There's a heap of service left in that thing yet!".

And so I've saved the cut away portions of my 'deeps' to make all of my beekeeping boxes a smaller, uniform size. (As the wise Michael Bush says, 'Friends don't let friends lift deeps'.) These short pieces are useful to add to medium sized boxes to accommodate deep frames, should the need arise. This week I found another purpose for one of them -- a new bird feeder.

Three cut away portions from honey bee 'brood boxes' await reassignment.

With the addition of some spare lumber and paint, a bird feeder takes shape.

A coat of paint is left to dry overnight in the good old workshop.

Accessorized with a nectar feeder and side trays made from salvaged honey frames.

And here is my first patron at the grand opening of the new dining establishment.


  1. I think people who have had to work for what they have tend to make do with a lot of stuff. I know we do....hard to throw anything away...Jim is too handy with it. He loves to make things out of stuff we have instead of going to the store.

  2. Carol ...

    There is definitely satisfaction in making something useful from saved scraps. Plus we get to customize things to our own personal taste.

  3. Hand made is the best in my eyes, and your new feeder is a beauty, no wonder the patrons have already spread the word about the " New Café" in town.


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