Friday, 21 August 2015

Backyard Moments

The branches of my mountain ash tree are bending with the weight of bountiful, orange-red berry clusters. Robins and cedar waxwings are gulping down all they can for themselves and to carry back to their nestlings. This particular tree grew from a seed that a squirrel had planted in my sister's back yard. When it reached it's sapling stage, she dug it up and my brother transported it in his van to where it now grows, in my back lawn. Over the years it has been such a hit with the wildlife that I've planted twenty-five more. In years to come, they will also draw the berry loving crowd.

Cedar waxwings love these mountain ash berries.

A female sapsucker has a drilling project on this sumac trunk.

This male goldfinch shows signs of injury but still manages to get about.

Mother red squirrel lunching at the new feeder. I look forward to seeing her youngsters.


  1. Beautiful, every one. Specially the squirrel. 50 plus trees, do you have many acres? or hectares? We have 3 acres, with one acre planted in firewood trees, and sometimes I wish for more.

  2. Nancy J --

    Oops, silly me! I checked my records and found that I planted not fifty, but only twenty-five mountain ash trees in May of 2013. The old false memory syndrome strikes again! I'm hoping that in a year or two they will bear fruit but since they were mere twigs upon purchase, are yet but youngsters. My property is ninety-nine acres in size so I can easily indulge my fondness for trees which in addition to providing privacy and beauty, are key in wildlife habitat.

  3. She is definitely filling out...cant wait to see the babies too. I have mother raccoons coming in...don't see many others...just those with babies...
    I feed the squirrels your new feeder...

  4. We've had our babies back to visit several times. I assume they go in corclies ...? circles around the forest. I think I invented a new word!!!


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