Sunday, 2 August 2015

Poppy Admiration

Valued mostly for pollen (for my honey bees) and for cut flowers (for my table), my garden poppies are now at their flamboyant best.

Like exotic butterflies, my poppies seem to hover and dance in a gentle breeze.

A fresh bloom that looks like crinkled ivory silk, stained with powdered rouge.

Each form and colour competes for pollinator attention.

How could a bee possibly resist these luscious hues?

Golden pollen served atop a crepe paper confection in Princess Pink.

Pollen splashes on salmon veined petals.

A slight line up at the left hand poppy-mart checkout counter.


  1. This is a beautiful story, with photos superb!!! I love the added words to each poppy, detailing them in glorious coloured words. And a line-up at the check-out pollen counter...Great timing for that one.

  2. Love that line at the is so hard to get good pictures of bees with pollen.
    I tried planting poppies but had no luck. I wanted them for the bees.

  3. Carol ...

    I save my dried poppy seed pods in late fall and store them in a paper bag. Then in the spring I broadcast the pepper sized seeds on the newly tilled ground. They come up like weeds here! With all the cross pollination, I never know until they bloom, what assortment of colours I have. And that's a nice surprise!

  4. Wow! My poppies are done, done, done! Yours are lovely. I only have reds...
    Thanks for your kindness re: my dock! It's good therapy for me.

  5. My poppies are so dead! Good for you!

  6. Amazing photos and flowers! Well-shot!
    Just back from BC, and I have so many photos!!!
    Your bees look wonderful, in your previous post. This must give you much joy!!!


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